11 Ways to Fake Your Way To Guru Status!

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fake guruFake it till you make it is a so-called positive quote.

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The practice being that if you “act as if” then whatever you act as becomes true.

Act as though you are a millionaire – and you will be a Millionaire!

We don’t disagree with the practice.

But this post is not about faking it till you make it – rather it’s about the increasing number of individuals (Fake Gurus) who position themselves as being more successful than they are in order to sell their over priced seminars, courses, etc.

There’s no doubt we live in a celebrity driven world – effective social media has taken ‘nobodies’ to ‘somebodies’ in record time. Every week there’s a new YouTube Star – a new Instagram Star. And so on.

We are not knocking those individuals with “star” qualities – quite the opposite in fact.

How Fake Gurus Trick People Into Thinking They Are Successful

[Last updated May 18th 2020]

Have you ever suspected someone’s showing off perhaps a little too much and just might not be as successful as their profile makes them look?

Here are 11 things you have probably already seen people do to make themselves look more successful than they are:

#1) Pose in front of a Ferrari seen on vacation and pretend it’s yours! Or test drive a car you have no intention of buying, get that photo and put it on Facebook!

#2) Go to a marketing event and get a picture with a speaker and call him your buddy on Facebook!

#3) Change your name so the old you, doesn’t catch up with the new you. Can’t think of a name, just call yourself Mr X. Mrs X. Doctor X. Facebooker X. Blogger X. Chef X (OK, this could be a good marketing strategy done correctly – but we’re talking about individuals who have a past to hide!).

#4) Use misleading language on social media (example: I can’t wait to go to Dubai…….. (or Vegas, or Barbados or somewhere else Glamorous) but note that is not the same as saying you have booked your flight and are going next week!). It is just a statement any of us could make really.

For example, I could legitimately say, “I can’t wait to go to Alaska” (somewhere on my bucket list) – but I don’t have any immediate plans for that.

#5) Forget about tomorrow, live for today. Spend, spend, spend what little you have to keep up appearances – but whatever you do, don’t ever pay for a meal (after all you’re the Guru and surely your follower would be delighted to pay for a meal and hang out with you).

#6) Surround yourself with other fakers who can back you up and say lovely things about you. Strength in numbers!

#7) This one works particularly well with the Facebook App – lets say on an iPhone. It allows you to add a location (or Check In) to a status update based on where approximately they think you’re located. That location could even be one you’re not at.

For example if you are in Central London – you could give a status update that says you’re at a luxury hotel, which gives the impression you’re living the high life, even though it may just be that you’re passing on the pavement / sidewalk outside! Similarly if you are at an Airport – you can make it look like you’re located in any number of first class lounges, even when you’re in the coach seats outside!

#8) Call yourself a coach or teacher even though you have never coached anyone in your life!

#9) Buying Facebook Likes – Hard to believe, but there are still people doing this (and websites supplying). Check out this Huffington Post article to see why you shouldn’t do this.

#10) Steal other peoples quotes and don’t give credit! (put it on Facebook!)

Scott Quote

#11) Oh and you need a story – best is if you had a disadvantaged childhood or grew up poor. People love a story – don’t be afraid to elaborate on it either.

Can you think of someone who might be using some of these Fake Guru techniques?

As always we would love to have your feedback – let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page

In the end true life success comes from genuinely helping people, giving real value and making a real positive impact.

Individuals who pretend to be more successful than they really are or who constantly need to display the ‘high life’ they’re living are in our opinion missing the whole point of what living a successful life means.

My personal experience, having hung out with some of the planets most successful people (and that includes Billionaires) is that truly successful people are often more modest than you might imagine. Indeed most I find are more interested in making a difference in the world and improving the lives of others than showing off their accomplishments!

So beware the “Fake Guru” who is constantly letting you know about the high life he or she may be living. It’s not consistent I find with the lifestyle of truly successful people!

If you really want to really impress me with your REAL business success.

The Rise of Fake Gurus: The Dark Truth Behind Making MILLIONS from Online Courses.

In this video James Jani breaks down the business model of how to make millions from online courses using the methods that these fake gurus use, and expose the dark truth behind this rapidly growing industry.

Just to be clear: I am not against buying online courses. I have bought numerous online courses, everything from SEO, to Copy-writing, to how to launch a Podcast.

There are also many genuine experts, who deliver real value and make a positive impact on peoples lives. But the “wealth education” industry and the “make money online” industry seems to attract a particular type of charlatan.

My gripe is with the numerous online Gurus who make the bulk of their income from selling courses, live events, Inner Circle groups etc.  Many of them develop what I would call a cult like following and that is dangerous in my book.

In the end, please remember – it is not knowledge that matters, rather it is implementation of KNOWLEDGE that counts!

If you are not implementing and taking action no amount of online courses are are going to make you successful.

Here are 10 more Fake Guru RED FLAGS To Watch out for…

Show Me The Money!

Money is not the only measure of success but for business it is the biggest one!

All the hot air in the world is no good if you can’t take it to the bank!

Enjoy this little video from one of our favorite movies!

A couple of thoughts and quotes to end. Something to think about:

Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.

– James E. Faust

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

– Bruce Lee

See you on Facebook!

Author Bio:

“BarryBarry Dunlop is a lifelong Entrepreneur, writer, Sales Turnaround Expert and publisher of the The Sales Turnaround Report. To request your free copy CLICK HERE. You can also connect with Barry on LinkedIn

Helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and make a positive change in the world.

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