15 Adorable Short Haircuts You’ll Actually Want To Try

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There’s something liberating about chopping off ten inches of hair – or maybe that sounds terrifying to you. We sure don’t envy the hairdressers who have to dry their clients’ tears after they’ve opted for a lob. If you want to avoid instant regret, here are 15 of the most adorable haircuts that won’t have you ugly crying in front of the whole salon. And, as a bonus, we’ll even break it down by hair type, face shape, and give you the products you need to keep your cut looking Instagram-worthy long after your appointment.

Disclosure: there are some products we feel so strongly about, that we can’t help but promote them with affiliate links. This blog post contains some of those fantastic products, and we may receive a small monetary compensation – at no extra cost to you – if you decide to check out these products we love.

Layered Razor Cut

Recommended for thin hair and a square or diamond face shape.

This piecey cut adds versatility to flat, fine hair. These longer layers are easy to style with a flat iron or curling iron.

Short Haircuts for Women| Layered Razor Cut | Hairstyle On Point

Recommended product: To avoid your hair falling flat by the end of the day, use a dry shampoo for added texture and volume.

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