39 Amazing Wedding Updos

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No matter if you are the lucky bride or a guest, a wedding is a great time to try out an amazing updo and adorn it as you wish. This list of 39 amazing wedding updos is sure to get you on the right path to a style that works for your wedding theme or the overall look you are going for as a guest. There are plenty of looks on this list that you will want to consider adding to your everyday bank of hair ideas or make use of them for other special occasions.

     1.Artistic Strands Updo

This fabulous look is going to take a very experienced stylist to do, but if you love intricacy in hair styles, then this is sure to turn heads.

  1. Artistic Swirl Major Bun

Wedding Updos Artistic Swirl Major Bun

There are buns, and then there are buns that pay attention to detail. This look has a lovely swirl and body to it without being too flamboyant.

  1. Big Falling Tight Braid To Side Bun

 Big Falling Tight Braid to the Side

Weddings can be a very long day for guests and the bride. This close to the head braid will look gorgeous and get you through the day without falling apart when you hit the dance floor.

  1. Big Loose Braid Bun With Silver Leaf Adornment

Wedding Updos Big Loose Braid Bun With Silver Leaf Adornment

The power of hair accessories is that they can take a look from vanilla to wow in little time at all. You can get some accessories that look like they cost a fortune for far less than you would imagine. The silver leaf gives an earthy Renaissance feel to this look.

  1. Big Volume Big Curl Pony With Adornment

Wedding Updos Big Volume Big Curl Pony With Adornment

You are going to need a lot of hair to pull this off, but that shouldn’t stand in your way with the plethora of affordable wigs and extensions available. 

  1. Black & White Double Braid

Wedding Updos Black & White Double Braid

It is impossible not to stare when you see such a beautiful contrast. You can get this look with the help of temporary color or extensions or create a look that contrasts but is easier to achieve based on your natural hair color.

  1. Curls & Fabric Flowers


Fabric flowers are a lovely alternative to the real deal, and you can make them in whatever color pattern you want. Combined with a superb curly low bun, this is an elegant yet approachable choice for a wedding no matter if you are the bride or a guest.

  1. Defined Curl Bun & Braid With Accent

Wedding Updos Curls & Fabric Flowers

All to often curls are not as defined as they should be and with good reason. It can be challenging to get curls to form the way you want without frizziness. This look takes advantage of a creative soft braid at the crown, and a small baby’s breathe style adornment on top of the bun. This is a look that is classy, and the accent is not too over the top for even a more casual wedding setting.

  1. Double Braid Loose Bun

Wedding Updos Double Braid Loose Bun

A classic look that is easy to achieve even without the help of a hairdresser. If you lack volume, then a braid hair extension can be used around your bun to get the same effect.

  1. Double Crown & Lights

Wedding Updos Double Crown & Lights

For a more flashy appearance, consider the myriad options of lighting up your look.

  1. Elegant Marcel Wave With Round Jewel Crown

Wedding Updos Elegant Marcel Wave With Round Jewel Crown

Retro looks are in for weddings, and this look is something that is not too hard to get. In fact, some creative ladies do their Marcel waves at home with very basic hair rollers.

  1. Feathers & Curls Updo

Wedding Updos Feathers & Curls Updo

Hair feathers are not just for long flowing hair. Creative use of feathers either made of metal or even real feathers is an inexpensive and retro look that you can do a lot with.

  1. Fishtail Braid To Curly Low Bun

Wedding Updos Fishtail Braid To Curly Low Bun

Fishtail braids are the fun way to update the classic braided looks. Learning how to do this will give you a lot of style options and change up your look without a lot of hassle.

  1. Folded Bun With Square Rhinestone Headband

Wedding Updos Folded Bun With Square Rhinestone Headband

The bun look can get boring if you don’t change it up a bit. We love this look that combines many sections of hair for a more artistic approach to the bun. The square rhinestones add some over the top elegance.

  1. Gathered Waterfall Bun

Wedding Updos Gathered Waterfall Bun

This is not quite a braided look, but it does make use of creative folding and flow to create a high updo that is just pretty.

  1. Large Layered Big Braid & Adornment

 Wedding Updos Large Layered Big Braid & Adornment

If you are doing an old fashioned romantic or a  period theme wedding, then this gorgeous braid is for you if you have longer hair. This is a good compromise between loose and flowing and pulled back so that others can see your face.

  1. Large Waterfall Knot Bun

Wedding Updos Large Waterfall Pearl Braid & Bun

It is hard not to be intrigued by this large braided knot bun. A truly romantic look that could also be dressed up more if you wanted some flowers in your hair or a tasteful clip.

  1. Large Waterfall Pearl Braid & Bun


Wedding Updos Large Waterfall

This stunningly smooth bun and braid involve carefully placed pins that have pearls on end. If pearls are not your favorite, then you could get any gem or design you wanted. Butterflies are a popular choice as well.

  1. Locks

Wedding Updos Locks

The power is artistically done locks speaks for itself. If you like trying out new things with locks, then this look has a potential for longer locks.

  1. Loose Curl Ponytail & Crown Braid

Wedding Updos Loose Curl Ponytail & Crown Braid

The loose pony is a favorite wedding look that allows the beauty of your face to shine through while also showing off a healthy head of hair.

   21.Low Braided Big Bun

 Wedding Updos Low Braided Big Bun

This layered braided bun makes use of multiple braids of your hair in one of the prettiest ways possible.   For longer haired ladies this is a way to keep hair elegant and manageable through a long event.

  1. Medium Curl & Side Sweep Low Updo

 Wedding Updos Medium Curl & Side Sweep Low Updo

For the lover of retro looks this is a medium curl solution. Your stylist can help you get this by carefully creating the swirls and curls with rollers and pins. A glossing treatment before can make this look stand out and smooth out hair that has a tendency to be coarse.

  1. Messy Bun & Tiny Roses

Wedding Updos Messy Bun & Tiiny Roses

There is a lot of hair hanging out of this messy curly bun that makes it look all the more romantic. Tiny roses and greenery are a nice touch that shows you don’t have to go for the biggest rose for your hair.

  1. Messy Gold Dove Long Braid

Wedding Updos Messy Gold Dove Long Braid

Doves are a powerful symbol. Long braids are a pretty choice for a bride but can be somewhat lackluster without a beautiful accessory.  This is ideal for a nature themed wedding.

  1. Ombre Big Braid

 Wedding Updos Ombre Big Braid

Contrast is important to catching the eye, and we love how this braid looks dip dyed. The trick to this look is to form a high ponytail and then braid loosely while not getting so loose that hair is everywhere.

  1. Rhinestone Flower Swirl Low Pony

Wedding Updos Rhinestone Flower Swirl Low Pony

This low pony is loosely and messily braided for a more casual look. However, the elegant rhinestone headpiece gives this a princess look that is ideal for a dream wedding.

  1. Rhinestone Updo

Wedding Updos Rhinestone Updo

Another big bun style with an attached rhinestone accent that is set to the side. A few face-framing wisps of hair make this a look to love for sure.

  1. Ribbons Big Sleek Bun

Wedding Updos Ribbons Big Sleek Bun

A lot of buns lack this intricate of detail. Instead of a braided look, this looks like carefully folded ribbons of pure gorgeous!

  1. Rose Bun

Wedding Updos Rose Bun

We love how this crown of tiny pink roses is used to just frame a high big bun while leaving the face bright and open. If you think you have to wear a crown very close to your face, then think about the potential of this look for any crown you want to wear.

  1. Rose Bush Braid

Wedding Updos Rose Bush Braid

A climbing rose is a breathtaking thing if you have every seen one. This style takes the beauty of a rose bush and applies it to a long braid. There are no words for how pretty this is on longer haired ladies.

  1. Rose Swirl Elegant Updo

Wedding Updos Rose Swirl Elegant Updo

This look is a combination of a high updo and victory rolls that make a rose design that if you can pull off will turn heads. Getting the rolls right is where you stylist will show their worth. This look takes some time to get, but the results are outstanding.

  1. Smooth Horizontal Low Bun

Wedding Updos Smooth Hortizontal Low Bun

A very basic smooth bun that is oriented a bit differently than average. This is an excellent base for a look if you plan on accessorizing a lot with hair gems or a headband and want to keep the actual hairstyling simple and elegant.

   33. Smooth Swirl Chignon

 Wedding Updos Smooth Swirl Chignon

This take on the classic chignon is classy and sophisticated and shows off shiny hair well. You can get this look with mid length hair so it is very versatile and an excellent choice for a bridesmaid look.

  1. Swirl Back Bangs Bottom To Top Bun

Wedding Updos Swirl Back Bangs Bottom To Top Bun

The swirl from the bangs to the back makes this a bun that you don’t see every day. Getting the wave right can be done with heat styling or rollers. Smoothness is key to this look.

 35. Teased Side Swept Top Low Pony

Wedding Updos Teased Side Swept Top Low Pony

If you want some height to your look and long flowing locks then considered the side swept look because it is easy to tease it up for that extra volume you crave.

  1. Top Knot Braid Bun With Blunt Bangs


Wedding Updos Top Knot Braid Bun With Blunt Bangs

You can channel your inner Holly Golightly with this face-framing look. This is perfect for any formal event and is basic enough you can learn to do it yourself in little time.

  1. Very Loose Top Braid Design

Wedding Updos Very Loose Top Braid Design

This can be done on shorter or longer hair. If you have shorter hair and want a closer to the head look then, loose top braids are something to consider.

  1. Victory Chignon

Wedding Updos Victory Bun

The swirls and twirls speak of a bygone era of elegance that you can still capture a little bit of with this creative hairstyle. This look can be done to accommodate a lot of different hair lengths.

  1. Voluminous Curly Bun And Loose Curl Updo


Wedding Updos Voluminous Curly Bun And Loose Curl Updo

There is a bit of braiding to this look but not much. The looseness and fullness of this updo make it a good compromise for brides that are going back and forth with a long and loose look and an updo. Hair is held back enough to show off this bride’s statement earrings.

Wedding Hair Planning

No matter what look appeals to you the most on this list, you might consider trying out a look before the big day or at the very least asking your stylist their opinion so you can make sure that it is doable with your hair type.

Accessories and special order extensions should all be considered well before the big day. Coordinated looks for wedding parties take even more planning so the sooner you talk to a stylist the better.

Major changes in hair color or a very different haircut should be done well in advance of the big day if it is a look that you are unfamiliar with. Some treatments mean you cannot do certain things such as washing for up to 48 hours so plan well.

Remember that the most important thing overall is to make sure that you enjoy the day and make it a day you will always cherish.

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