43 Black Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women

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A wedding is a cause for great joy and celebration, but if you’ve ever been a bride-to-be, you know all the little details can be stressful.

From finding the perfect dress and shoes to choosing the right hairstyle, we’re here to help make the planning process a bit easier with these stunning wedding hairstyles for black women. From long, voluptuous curls to pixie cuts and weaves, there’s a little something for every bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest.

Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Here we have 43 wedding hairstyles for black women that will ensure you look your best.

1. Barely There & Veil

Barely There & Veil


Plenty of ladies chooses to shave hair very short at one time or another. This look can be attractive with a veil of your choosing. A stylish hat and veil combination is another option that is easy to do.

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