Cutting Edge – Sharp, Short and Long! – Cool Redhead

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This amazing cut by Sabine takes a rounded short bob and subverts it by adding long, sharp lines and points in a unique and original way!

Curves and spikes

The nape was buzzed short, but leaving the lowest layer to hang as long straight strands ending behind the ears. The hair between the nape the crown was blunt cut to produce a curved round shape, with the curve broken by a shorter layer of sharply textured hair, waxed and tousled around the crown for spiky volume.

Geometric shaving

From a ‘messy’ side parting, one side of the hair was layered and textured down over the ear giving an uneven profile ending just below the jawline. The short fringe begins past the hairline at this side, where the natural curve of the hairline has been shaved to produce a sharp geometric shape.

Unique new look

The front was expertly razored into short layers, lightly styled across the top to give curved volume, with a full short fringe textured at the ends and cut in a gentle downward curve.

Different textures, curves and shapes are beautifully blended to produce an attractive, and definitely cutting-edge trendy new look!

Edge Trendy Red Hairstyle: 2013 - 2014 Hair Trends
Edge Trendy Red Hairstyle

Side View of Trendy Short Long Red Hairstyle
Side View of Trendy Short Long Red Hairstyle.

Modern Short Long Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs
Modern Short Long Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

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