Entrepreneurial Wisdom From Necker Island

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Entrepreneurial Wisdom From Sir Richard Bransons Private Island

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As some of you may know, my father, Barry Dunlop recently got to spend 6 days on Necker Island with a small group of amazing entrepreneurs and Sir Richard Branson the Billionaire Founder of the Virgin Group.

The stories and feedback I have had from not only my father but many of the other entrepreneurs has quite literally blown my socks off!

Fortunately for me and my readers, my father recorded some of the brainstorming on video and fortunately several of the entrepreneurs also recorded exclusive videos just me.

Below are three of the videos:

1) Matt Mullenweg the founding developer of WordPress, the blogging software that runs this website (WOW!)

2) Tellman Knudson of OvercomeEverything.com

3) Adam Schran of FinallyFast.com

By the way – while there, this remarkable group of entrepreneurs also presented Sir Richard Branson with a $447,000 Cheque for the Virgin Unite Charity.

A core belief at Virgin Unite is that…

“Business has the capacity to improve the human condition – the same visionary thinking and problem-solving skills that make entrepreneurs successful can be channeled into solving the world’s social and environmental crises.”

Video 1: Matt Mullenweg speaking to Barry Dunlop in Necker Island — Sir Richard Branson’s private Island

In this video Matt Mullenweg delivers some essential advice for young entrepreneurs everywhere — like, don’t get really attached to your idea and honestly the idea is probably the least valuable thing you’ll have. Revolutionary advice from the new breed of young entrepreneurs?

Video 2:Tellman Knudson speaking to Barry Dunlop in Necker Island

Tellman Knudson Quote:

When your life is over, when everything is done, do you just want to have made some money, or do you want to have made something happen?

Video 3: Adam Schran speaking to Barry Dunlop in Necker Island

Adam Schran Quote:

“Entrepreneurs get paid, in my opinion, to bust through and do the things that cause you discomfort. Everyone can do ten out of fifteen things that is easy and is in their comfort zone, but to do the difficult stuff, it’s annoying and it’s tough. Your brain will try to talk you out it and trick you out of it, but that’s what you get paid to do.

PS: Check Out:

http://runtellmanrun.com — Coast to coast Run — barefoot for charity!



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