George Clooney’s Hairstyle: Simple and Classy

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George Clooney is one of the best examples of ‘trends come and go but style is forever’ I can think of. Famous for his classic salt and pepper gentlemen’s hairstyle, we can see why this haircut has never really gone out of style.

george clooney hairstyle

The hairstyle is truly a gentlemen’s cut, it looks great with no product or adding a little bit of product can make you movie awards ready instantly.

george clooney slick

george clooney haircut

How do you achieve this hairstyle? Easy. Go to your barber and ask for a ‘close crop’ with some length of top. Taking a picture showing different angles of the haircut is also very helpful to getting your desired result. This is a great hairstyle for middle aged men.

george clooney

If you’re happy with the result, adding a beard for extra personality can always be a plus! Good luck on achieving the George Clooney haircut!

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