Great Hairstyles For Brunettes Over 50

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We all age but aging gracefully is an art. With these hairstyles for brunettes over 50 you will be encouraged to try out a new style that puts your features on the display in a lovely way. But enough of that! On to the hairstyles and a refreshing updated look!

Heavy Textured Short Bob

brunettes over 50

The color of this look is stunning, and the texture makes for a put together and respectable look that is still gorgeous on a lot of levels. Keeping layers this length and defined and color up to date is going to take a few visits to the salon a year, but other than that, styling can be achieved with just a few products. This is perfect for those that have to work with the public a lot. The color is, of course, optional, but some great highlights will make this look dazzle.

Choppy Bob & Highlights

brunettes over 50


The razor cut look is in, and it is stunning for women over 50. Close attention to textured bangs and carefully placed highlights will help accentuate your eyes and can be used to cover up the forehead if you think this is not your best feature. A round brush, hairdryer, and setting spray are the tools for keeping this style up. This is a style seen on younger women a lot so it is a bit of a timeless look that you can use over the years.

Short Curly Cut

brunettes over 50

A super short cut can be a lot more manageable than a lot of looks. Care of short hair is easy, but there are some things you need to keep in mind such as the fact that hair needs to be conditioned well and styling products should be minimal to avoid weighing hair down too much. Curl defining shampoos are helpful to use, and a compatible conditioner will take away any frizziness.

Shoulder-Length Waves & Golden Highlights

brunettes over 50

Mid-length hair is doable over 50, and this look proves it beyond a doubt. A permanent wave at your stylist provides lasting results, and you can get custom highlights done at the same time. The bangs are left almost straight and swept away and allow you to see how this style has the potential to transition into an amazing updo. If you want to keep even more length, this style could definitely be longer and still look lovely.

Hairstyles Tips For Women Over 50

  • Don’t be afraid of color that know that some shades are going to look off on someone older.
  • Highlights help brighten up your look and can make your face appear more youthful.
  • Be open to style changes.

Choosing Your New Look 

Taking off some length is often a choice women make as they get older but that doesn’t mean you have to go with a super short look. Talk to your stylist about looks you are thinking about and let them know any concerns you have such as covering up a wide forehead or putting more attention on the eye area.

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