Messy Vs Neat: How To Flawlessly Achieve Both Hairstyles

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A lot of guys don’t realize they can style their hair differently for different occasions. A casual day might call for a more relaxed and messy hairstyles, whilst a more formal day you might want to play it nice and neat. Here I’ll teach you guys how to achieve both looks!


How to Achieve Neat OR Messy Hair

To achieve either of these styles, you’ll need some hair product, I strongly recommend ditching your gels and going with a nice wax or pomade. If you like a more dry look go for a matte product.


Step 1: Shower or thoroughly wet your hair so your hair is nice and relaxed and ready to be molded.

Step 2: Blow dry your hair into the general shape you want it to look like (it doesn’t have to be perfect, just a loose, general shape)

Step 3: Apply a dime size amount of wax or pomade on your palms, rub your palms together to heat activate the product, than apply it all throughout your hair

For Neat Hair: Grab a thin toothed comb and start shaping your hair. After you’re done apply some hairspray if you want an all day hold.

For Messy Hair: After apply product throughout your hair, grab a towel and mess up your hair a little bit, than using your fingers as combs go through and add the finishing touches to your messy style.

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